Community meeting to be held on cannonball incident

DUBLIN, Calif.

A crew from the Discovery Channel show MythBusters was filming a segment at the county's Regional Training Center on Madigan Road the afternoon of Dec. 6 when the mishap occurred.

As part of the stunt, a 30-pound, softball-size cannonball was supposed to pass through several barrels of water and a cinderblock wall before striking the bomb range's hills, Alameda County sheriff's spokesman J.D. Nelson said.

However, the projectile missed the water, broke through the wall and ricocheted off the hillside into a neighborhood near Cassata Place, damaging two homes and a parked car.

No one was injured, but residents were upset, pointing out that children often play near where the cannonball landed and that the outcome could have been worse than damage to property.

Saturday's meeting will take place at 11 a.m. at the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services at 4985 Broder Blvd. in Dublin.

Dublin police and the Alameda County sheriff's personnel will attend, as will representatives from the MythBusters show, Nelson said.

"The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for area residents to share concerns about the recent MythBusters cannonball incident with us," Nelson said.

He said the sheriff's office oversees the Regional Training Center where the accident happened, and that most activities at the center's bomb range have been suspended indefinitely.

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