The Road to Recovery: Solutions from the 99%

Show synopsis:
What is the fastest way to get people back to work? Can the housing crisis be solved quickly? Leading experts and everyday people address short-term and long-term fixes to get the economy on the road to recovery.

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Featured segments:

The 99%
Who are the 99% and do they have the answers to economic recovery? We check in with regular folks and some of the leading experts to get their take.
Segment 1 (00:00 - 08:12)

The Housing market is one of the key sectors that is keeping the economy from recovering. What can banks do to spur economic growth? We ask the 99%.
Segment 2 (08:12 - 11:44)

There is no home if there is no job. Economists and everyday people weigh in on how more jobs can be created now.
Segment 3 (11:44 - 18:23)

Economic Recovery
Their incomes may be shrinking, but the 99% are still hopeful that economic recovery will come...economists say, it won't be any time soon.
Segment 4 (18:23 - 21:56)

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Written and produced by Ken Miguel
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