Crowd becomes unruly at Westfield Mall in Fairfield


The crowd started forming around midnight and by 5 a.m. there were about 1,000 people in the parking lot. One of the entrances to the mall was broken off its hinge by the crowd pushing up against the door. Only about 180 pairs of the shoes were available.

"The mall was supposed to start the line at midnight and then open at 3 a.m., but since everybody was too rowdy, the canceled it until 7 a.m.. So everybody hid in the bushes over here and in their cars, so I barely got in. I was able to squeeze in and get my pair so lucky for me, I've very fortunate," said a shopper. There were two arrests, one was a person who assaulted a police officer inside the mall at one of the stores and another was a person who tried to break up the arrest. There were no injuries.

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