Christmas home draws thousands in Dolores Park


It may be San Francisco's most-wonderful light display of the year -- or the last 22 years.

That's how long Tom Taylor and Jerry Goldstein have been turning their house into a Christmas postcard.

There are so many interesting and beautiful touches to the Christmas display at their home, including a 50-foot Norfolk pine tree with ornaments the size of beach balls.

There are also gadgets, trains, carousels and more.

Taylor and Goldstein say their home attracts thousands of visitors every year.

"The things that I have found most interesting about the tree are the number of people who come to see it, the variety of people who come to see it and how much joy they get out of it," said Goldstein.

"Many of the kids that started with me are now adults, and they come back and you hear their comments and they think it's part of their lives," said Taylor.

The display will remain standing at 3650 21st Street until Jan. 2. The lights go on at 5:30 p.m. and last until about midnight.

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