Employee at popular Oakland taqueria shot in neck


An employee of Otaez Mexi-Catessen was shot last night while on his way to a work party. A police officer started trailing him after he started to drive erratically. The car stopped near the taqueria.

"The Highway Patrol came to help him, at that point, Leonardo, which is what I heard his name is, stumbled some more and fell to the ground and policemen started helping him," said customer Norman Awill, who was translating for witnesses from the taqueria.

Police said he was shot in the neck. They are not sure where the shooting happened. It took place about 10:30 p.m. last night.

The restaurant is still reeling from the April shooting death of its popular owner, Chuy Campos. No one has been arrested for his murder. The new owners and some of the staff weren't really in the mood for last night's party, so not many were here. After the shooting of the 20-year-old employee, they shut it down and went home.

"It's pretty tramatic. I went to Chuy's funeral and the wake the night before. I know these people personally. So it's very sad. I'm very saddened by the fact that they have to experience this," said Awill.

Investigators will look at surveillance cameras at the restaurant to see if they can get anything helpful.

Police have not made any arrests.

The victim is at the hospital and is expected to be OK.

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