5-year-old boy dies in Oakland taco truck shooting


The shooting happened at the Los Amigos taco truck on International Boulevard and 55th Avenue shortly after 8:30 p.m. Friday. Police blocked off the area to investigate the shooting and homicide investigators were on scene trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Members of the community were shaking their heads wondering when this violence is going to end.

Guillermo Pena's mother-in-law works at the truck. He told us, "She was working with the little boy's mom and then the dad was with the little baby outside the taco truck. Then, I guess, somebody just passed by and started shooting at the taco truck."

Pena's mother in law wasn't allowed to leave the scene, so she called her family.

"She called us crying that somebody shot her boss' son, but she didn't tell us where and he was laying down hella bleeding on the floor," said Pena. He can't believe this has happened again. "The same thing happened on 65th, the little boy that got killed, the same thing happened."

He was talking about 3-year-old Carlos Nava. He was shot and killed on the street in August.

"It surprised me because more often they're killing little kids, innocent kids. They didn't even do [anything], they don't even know what's happening in life," said Pena.

Oakland Police spokesperson Officer Johnna Watson said they received multiple calls about the shooting. She said the suspect is an African-American male in his 30s, with a goatee, that may have been driving a silver Pontiac with a female passenger inside.

"Obviously this is a tragedy for our community and this is a time for us to really come together. This is our third homicide of a child this year and we really need to pull together with the community and work in unison as a city to stop the violence. And we really need to reach out and partnership together," said Watson.

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