Questions abound for 49ers, Saints fans

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

January 14, 2012 1:26:33 AM PST
The big playoff match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints is Saturday, but some fans just can't wait.

ABC7's Wayne Freedman caught up with some of them as the final preps were put into place at "The Stick," but there seemed to be nothing but questions out there.

Question 1: "Who dat?"
Answer: "Who dat?" is what Saints fans (like a young man we met named "Trevor") ask when they tauntingly want to know who out there thinks they can beat the Saints.

Question 2: What is the condition of the turf at Candlestick Park?
Answer: We can't be totally sure because our chopper, Sky7, could only get so close on Friday.

Question 3: Let's skip this one...

Question 4: What were people doing driving around the stadium on Friday when the game isn't until Saturday?
Answer: They were looking for tickets to the game, but the box office is closed and no one can get in until Saturday.

Question 5: What were the security officers looking for with mirrors underneath people's cars?
Answer: We don't know, but it certainly wasn't tailgaters.

Question 6: Why were Saints fans hanging out in a lot next to the Stick?
Answer: They said that it was because they figured they could stay there as long as they wanted to without getting kicked out.

Question 7: How good is young Saints fan Trevor at throwing and catching a football?
Answer: Not bad for a football player in training.

Question 8: If Drew Brees gets hurt, is young Trevor ready to step in on Saturday?
Answer: "No," he told us.

Question 9: Where will Saints fan Ronnie Lovitt go to follow his team and spend $1,000 per ticket?
Answer: "Anywhere," he told us.

Question 10: Why? We asked Ronnie's wife.
Answer: "Who dat all the way," she said.

Question 11: Why did Wayne Freedman ask such an obvious question in Question 10?
Answer: He says it just felt right at the time.

Question 12: Ronnie, do you like San Francisco?
Answer: "I was walking around at 4:30 this morning looking for a beer and wasn't nothin' open... That's all right. Y'all are more civilized I guess out here, than we are at home."

Question 13: Do you think Ronnie will like it even less after Saturday?
Answer: That's yet to be decided.