Shooting in Berkeley leaves father of 5 dead

January 27, 2012 2:27:28 PM PST
Berkeley police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year, a brazen shooting that left a father of five dead.

35-year-old Kenneth Warren had just left his job at a barber shop on Shattuck Avenue Thursday night when he was gunned down on the sidewalk. The gunmen fired at least two dozen rounds, spraying the house behind him with bullets.

Luckily no one inside was hurt. Warren's uncle Donald was still inside the barber shop when he heard the gunfire. "Ain't no more than 15 seconds when we heard all these shots. When I came out, I saw all these people in the neighborhood flashing their lights and I got about right here, and that's when I seen him laying on the front porch," he recalled.

The barber shop where Warren worked has become a meeting place for friends and family to mourn. Police have not made any arrests or revealed a motive in connection with the deadly shooting.