Multiple people shot outside Oakland home


Oakland police have been quite busy Sunday afternoon after they had three separate shootings within a very short period of time.

The most serious happened in West Oakland on Adeline Street between 32nd and 34th streets where officers say there was an exchange of gunfire in front of a house. They say three to four men armed with guns, one even armed with a fully automatic, started shooting. Their targets apparently shot back and in the end, three people, including a woman were injured.

A witness told ABC7 he heard so many gunshots that it sounded like whoever had the fully automatic, unloaded the entire clip.

Surprisingly, police say none of the injuries are life threatening. Three people were shot, but there may have been two others who were hurt. Police say two people showed up at Highland Hospital with gunshot wounds, but it's unclear if it's related.

There were concerns about a baby possibly being hit in the gun battle at a house nearby, but police say that baby is OK.

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