Berkeley police identify suspect shot in Castro Valley


The intersection of Grove and Center in Castro Valley was shut down for hours after Berkeley police tried to arrest a well-known narcotics suspect last night.

"The suspect, who we are identifying today as Steven Oliver Moore," said Berkeley police spokesperson Sgt. Mary Kusmiss.

When police tried to arrest him, he backed into an undercover police car, pinning an officer in between. Another officer then shot Moore. Police didn't find a gun, but say Moore had cocaine on him, in the car, and at a nearby home -- all together equaling about a half pound.

"This was a Berkeley-based drug dealer who happens to live in the city of Pittsburg who had residences in Castro Valley," said Kusmiss.

People who used to live next to him in Berkeley, call his family a drug dynasty.

"Surprised but not surprised," said Berkeley neighbor Paul Rauber.

Rauber lives next door to the home Moore and his family lived in for decades. The neighbors finally got the city to declare the home a nuisance and the Moore's were forced to move out a few years ago. But Rauber remembers what it was like. He even got a bullet through his front window.

"Police once, they once came to help us shut off their burglar alarm that was running and they said, 'Do you know that you're living next door to the most infamous house in Berkeley?'" said Rauber.

Moore is in the hospital, but under arrest on narcotics charges. He was out on federal parole for narcotics and weapons.

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