Woman drives car into water at Ocean Beach


It all started before dawn when a woman drove her Lexus E350 sedan into the surf at Ocean Beach just south of the Beach Chalet. She had to be rescued and her car could be in the water for a while.

Firefighters responded to the scene around 6:30 a.m. They believe the woman was alone in the car at the time and are not looking for any other victims at this time. They left the car sealed up and it appeared to have not taken on any water.

Debris is often kicked up onto the sand by the surf and occasionally, a beached whale is discovered, but this may be a first. Officials are still trying to figure out exactly what happened and how it happened.

In the meantime, the sight is drawing quite a few curious onlookers. "It's surfing. It's having a great time out there in the swell," beachgoer Brennan Byrd said. "I think they're going to try and pull it out. For the sake of the ocean and everyone who enjoys this beach, I hope they get it out."

They are indeed planning to pull it out of the water eventually, but fire officials said they wanted to wait until low tide Friday evening. The way the ocean was tossing the car around Friday morning, if they wait too long, the car might not still be there.

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