Occupy march disrupts traffic, invades shopping center


Occupy protesters began at the foot of Market near Embarcadero at about 7 p.m., cursing the police while chanting "No justice, no peace."

They walked up Market Street, blocking all westbound traffic, including Muni streetcars and busses.

They turned at Powell Street where they chanted and decided to block traffic at Powell and Geary for about 10 minutes.

As they headed down Stockton, they placed nearby construction barriers in front of police, blocking the street and causing officers to work at getting them out of the way.

Seeming emboldened by this, they walked up Market again and proceeded to occupy Westfield Center. There they chanted until security managed to get them to leave.

"Actually I was kind of worried, but after that no because they were screaming but laughing and having fun," shopper Edwardo Pastor said.

The group decided to march towards the Tenderloin. At Eddy and Taylor they were greeted by riot-gear clad San Francisco police officers. The officers managed to turn the group back toward Market Street.

They were planning to dance in the street at the end of the march, but the rain stopped that. One of the protestors said that both Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland would meet to decide what to do next.

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