Car crashes into Richmond District home


Police and fire officials investigated the scene and the building inspector was also there late Tuesday night checking for any structural damage. The Dodge Cruiser went right into the corner of the house, near the garage.

Right before 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, neighbors say they heard the car screeching down the hill on Balboa. At 43rd Avenue the car veered left into a home, right where the electric meter was.

PG&E came out to the home and turned off all the power as well as gas.

Homeowner Susan Francis was inside with her husband. The couple had finished their Valentine's Day dinner and they were watching TV when the crash happened.

"My husband and I were in the living room and we just heard this long screeching and then an impact, a crash. My husband right away said 'call 911' so I did that and then when I came out here other people were already out here pulling the man out of the car," said Francis.

Francis says they actually did not feel the house shake at the time. The driver was said to be dazed and disoriented when he got out of the car. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor in this. He was taken to the hospital.

The family will be able to stay in the house, but they are not going to have power, electricity, or gas for the night. In the morning they're going to have to deal with their insurance companies to take care of this mess.

43rd and Balboa has been a bad intersection in the past. Neighbors say a few months ago a car came down Balboa and crashed into a laundry mat across the street from the house that was damaged Tuesday night. That laundry mat is still boarded up from that previous accident.

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