Killer won't reveal more locations until he gets money


Shermantine wants the $33,000 promised to him by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla before he says another word. Padilla says he believes Shermantine has told him the truth so far. So now Shermantine is saying there are two more locations where his partner, Loren Herzog, dumped bodies.

That would make five sites. The first one, in Calavaras County, is where authorities found the suspected remains of Cyndi Vanderheiden and Chevelle Wheeler. Their remains have now been positively identified. Then, there are the two wells Shermantine drew on the original map for Padilla. But apparently, there will be no map of the two new sites -- until after he gets the balance of the $33,000. Padilla says more than half of the money will go to victims' families.

Padilla says on Sunday he and Shermantine agreed to a $2,000 down payment - that check's in the mail. We don't know if Padilla will rush the rest of the money in exchange for the new information.

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