Drivers suffering sticker shock over gas prices


At 11:00 Wednesday morning, one Shell station near San Francisco International Airport was charging $4.39 for regular gasoline. As if that was not high enough, one hour later, the price had gone up to a whopping $4.53. Few people were stopping.

In South San Francisco, it was the same story. One gas station changed its prices in the middle of the day. It was too expensive for Chris Segovia."It was like $4.29 earlier today in the morning before going to school and I thought I'd come back and put gas, but now it's $4.59. So, it's too much," he told ABC7. He ended up going across the street where it was cheaper.

Others are refusing to fill up their tanks hoping prices will drop. "You never know what's going to happen tomorrow," one man said. Diane McGrath says she is driving less. "When I have to go out, just make sure I'm going to all the places at once and taking the shortest routes," she said.

It seems the only people filling up their tanks were Costco customers. The price at the South San Francisco location was $3.91. "I don't shop around. I just come here. Forget it. It's awful. We got oil in this country. Drill for it. Get it," one customer said. The Costco station is selling 25,000 of gas a day or about two double tanker trucks.

As prices soar, many are worried it will hurt businesses and the economy. "And they gauge you a little at a time. And, I don't doubt that by summer it'll be $5," driver Yvonne Anderson said.

Some people are driving around looking for the cheapest prices, but that is not a good idea because they are wasting both gas and time. There are several apps available people can use to find the best prices including Gas Buddy.

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