Man says Lockyer scandal bigger than sex tape

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Chikhani showed up in a San Jose courtroom Tuesday morning charged with possession of methamphetamine. But before the hearing began, he told reporters there's a way bigger story than the sex tapes. Chikhani was referring to a published report in the San Francisco Chronicle that a sex tape showing Nadia Lockyer with another man was given to Lockyer's husband, California Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

The Chronicle reports the 70-year-old state treasurer got the tape of his wife six weeks before Nadia Lockyer went to meet her former boyfriend at the Homewood Suites in Newark.

The San Jose Mercury News says it's seen text messages between Nadia Lockyer and Chikhani which "tell the story of an angry jealous woman." The text reportedly says "the last three months u put me thru hell n back -- n more. you will see n feel the pain your lies have inflicted in my heart soul every moment you find yourself alone or bored with another."

Tuesday, Chikhani said everything that happened between himself and Nadia Lockyer was consensual. He said he could point reporters in the right direction, but wanted his name kept out of the story. Before he could say more his attorney stepped in and stopped him from talking.

On Feb. 3, police were called to the Homewood Suites Motel and found Nadia Lockyer suffering from head and neck injuries. She reportedly told police she'd been attacked by the man she met in rehab two years ago. Lockyer's office contacted the Alameda County district attorney, saying the supervisor felt she was being stalked.

Chikhani has not been arrested for anything that happened at the Homewood Suites. The district attorney's investigators found no evidence of stalking.

Nadia Lockyer is in rehab recovering from her injuries and being treated for alcohol addiction.

The head of the Alameda County Board Of Supervisors told ABC7, as far as he's concerned, Lockyer should remain on the job.

"She is still drawing a salary it's as if anyone were out say for maternity leave or an illness something of that nature," Supervisor Nate Miley said. "And she's in rehab somewhere, I'm not sure where, handling her substance abuse."

Bill Lockyer isn't talking about these latest reports.

The Alameda County district attorney has turned the investigation over to the state attorney general and the AG's office isn't commenting.

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