Red Cross, PG&E put on disaster preparation program


The program is called "Ready Neighborhoods" and the event is a joint effort between PG&E and the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. The idea is for not only people to be prepared for disaster, but for entire communities to be prepared.

The event will be informational and visual, including a demonstration set up by PG&E to show people the dangers of overhead power lines. There will also be at least one celebrity there. Former 49er and Super Bowl MVP Jerry Rice will kick off the event and help honor community MVPs, leaders in the community who have helped get others prepared for disasters.

"It tracks with our highest priority at PG&E which is ensuring the public safety. And, this effort is particularly interesting because it focuses in on the underserved neighborhoods within the service areas," said Ezra Garrett with PG&E.

"It's usually neighbors surfacing as the true first responder after a disaster," explained Emily White with the Bay Area Red Cross. "So, it's neighbors helping neighbors, and what we wanted to do is make sure that those neighbors were equipped with the skills and the tools, and the relationships they needed to most effectively respond in times of disaster."

As for those "tools," today's event will help people get their disaster toolkits started. They are handing out bags which contain a couple things to help people get started including emergency food rations, drinking water, light sticks, blankets, and first aid kits.

The event takes place in Union Square and will run until 2 p.m.

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