Who will be on first for the Giants?


Aubrey Huff admits he had an off year in 2011, hitting .246 with 12 home runs, 59 RBI, and 90 strikeouts. The 35-year-old knows he's fighting for his job this spring.

"They're both good, young players. Belt came up and he was up and down a lot last year, I'm sure that was tough on him. I did the same thing when I was younger. Pill came up and had a great approach at the plate that really impressed me a lot so..." said Huff. "Got a couple of young guys breathing down my neck, but they're going to have to go and get it because their going be fighting me for it, I tell you that."

Brandon Belt, 23, was last year's phenom. He made the team, but struggled at the plate, hitting .225 with 9 home runs and 18 RBI, splitting time between Fresno and San Francisco. He played fall ball in the Dominican Republic trying to rediscover his stroke.

"Just working on being aggressive at the plate, getting that confidence back and getting back to where I wanted to be. I think all that competition's going to make for some good baseball. Hopefully, I can go out there and play my best right now and show them what I can do and hopefully earn a spot," said Belt.

Brett Pill, 27, was brought up late last season and in 15 games hit .300 with 2 homeruns and 9 RBI. He's the right-handed hitter of the three.

When asked how he pulls for the other guys when he's fighting for that job against them, Pill said, "It was easy. Last year when I came up, everybody was rooting for each other. Huff was one of my biggest supporters. I hope I can get my chance to help the team win, but however it works out, that will be great either way."

All three can also play left field, which gives Bruce Bochey some options.

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