New cellphone app stirs up immigration debate

March 13, 2012 4:24:52 PM PDT
In Arizona, a new cellphone app is stirring up the battle over illegal immigration. The app is designed to help illegal immigrants who get arrested. It sends the GPS location of the arrest, plus the time and date. It also alerts a pre-programmed list of people.

"It's an alert system for family, for loved ones, for your legal representation to be aware you're getting stopped," said immigration activist Lydia Guzman.

"If you're able to set the phone down and record what's going on around you, that's all stuff that can be used as evidence in trial," said app developer Todd Landfried.

The developer still needs the money to cover costs, so the app isn't available yet. The Arizona Police Association says its officers will continue to uphold the law, which allows them to identify and deport illegal immigrants.