Weeks may shine in second season with A's


Weeks was brought up on June 7th last season and it was his first stint in the big leagues. He started 96 games, hit .303, with 26 doubles, 8 triples, and 22 stolen bases. This year the 25-year-old switch hitter feels like he belongs.

"Yeah, it's a little bit of a comfort level. This year I still have that mentality you're ready to shine, but you also know you might be able to work on a few things to perfect your game," said Weeks.

Manager Bob Melvin has noticed a big difference in Weeks' approach.

"He hasn't had as much experience as a lot of guys have, so as good as he is, we feel like he can get better, but he's a great kid on top of it and a hard worker," said Melvin.

Weeks has only been in the big leagues for a season, but he's a veteran in this new look clubhouse.

"We didn't have a great season last year, you want to revamp get a new feel, and bring in some guys with more potential, guys that are hungry, guys that will go out and put it all on the line because we have much expectation right now," said Weeks.

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