ABC7 Movie review: 21 Jump Street


The movie has a dimwitted jock, played by Channing Tatum, and a nerd, Jonah Hill, who knew each other in high school and are now slightly bumbling cops. "21 Jump Street" is like the TV series that launched Johnny Depp's career, these are two guys who have become pals after the academy, but so far the career has been less than glamorous. Now comes the chance.

James Franco's brother, Dave, of Palo Alto, stars in the film.

The only connection this film has with the old TV series is the name and the premise. This is a satire of all of that and pretty funny and original, even though the "R" rating is because of the language. There are clever chase sequences with unexpected results. The surprise is Tatum as a comedy actor and his physical shtick. And there is a cameo appearance by a film superstar. I give "21 Jump Street" 3/4 of a bucket.

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