Impact of storms continues around the Bay Area

Signs are posted along the shoreline and at several parks in Richmond warning of possible water contamination.

Port Isabel is one of the locations where untreated sewage is spilling into the bay, as a result of recent heavy rain storms. Veolia Water, the company that runs the sewer system, estimates the spill is 90 percent storm water and 10 percent sewage. Contra Costa County environmental health officials say the sewage is highly diluted and does not pose much of a health threat.

Firefighters were on the scene of a water main break in Menlo Park. It happened at Sharon Park Drive and Monte Rosa Drive. Crews shut off the damaged pipe just before 6 a.m. It spilled water in the streets for nearly three hours.

Officers from Menlo Park say it could take up to two days to clear up the mess. There were no injuries or reports of immediate damage to homes in the area. No word yet on the cause of the break.

In Santa Cruz, a sand berm continues to prevent the San Lorenzo River from running into the Beach Boardwalk. The berm was built last week. Most of the rides on the boardwalk were closed on Saturday because of weather concerns. But, park officials opened more rides yesterday and expect to be open again next weekend.

And, part of San Francisco's Great Highway remains closed to traffic this morning. High winds blew a lot of sand onto the road this weekend - forcing officials to close a two mile segment between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard. Public work crews are expected out there later today - to sweep the sand away.

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