Idea for getting cheaper gas

Consumers are looking for an edge, a way to buy gasoline at a better price. Well often the best way to get a deal is not to shop station by station, but card by card.

With gasoline closing in on $5 a gallon, drivers are looking for ways to save. Some drivers are minimizing the daily trips they take, but often we have no choice.

"I've got a business with five or six vans that make deliveries all over the Bay Area and what are you going to do? You got to make you're deliveries. It is tough times. It is costing everyone money," said one delivery man.

We have to buy gas, but how we buy it can make a difference? A cash back card or gasoline card that gives you discounts is one of the best ways to buy gasoline. has been searching for the best gas credit card deal and says the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Card is tops.

"5 percent cash back across the board from any gas station and there is no hidden terms or fine print," said Odysseas Papadimitriou from

CardHub does not suggest using cards tied to specific gas stations unless you are already a loyal customer. If that is the case then the Exxon Mobile card is considered a great deal.

"If you are already going to an Exxon Mobile gas station, we like their credit card. It gives you around 4.2 percent cash back on purchases you make there," said Papadimitriou.

CardHub has a study of gasoline credit card deals.

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