Mass murder suspect denied SF public defender


The next big step will involve Luc entering a plea in court, but first, he will need to find himself an attorney first. Luc is accused of killing five people inside and Ingleside District home one week ago. Police are still trying to figure out the motive behind the killings and are looking into the possibility that it may have been over gambling debt.

Assigning Luc an attorney has been tricky because of his brother Ryan, who the previously-mentioned public defender represented in a past criminal case. That attorney wanted to represent Binh, but prosecutors thought that was a conflict of interest and that conflict led to Thursday morning's hearing. The attorney had already spent a lot of time with Luc and really wanted to see the case through.

"I'll let you know, he's a hard-working man, a man who works in the construction trades. The family and friends that we spoke to are shocked that he's in this position," Steve Olmo said.

Police believe the killer used a blunt instrument on the victims, robbed them, and then burglarized the home. Whoever is convicted of the crimes will be eligible for the death penalty. To give you an idea of how hard the public defender's office fought for this case, attorneys turned in an 11-page briefing and then gave verbal arguments as to why they felt it was not a conflict of interest. Nonetheless, the judge disagreed and now, the next order of business is to find this murder suspect an attorney.

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