Fresno woman has baby mid-flight above Africa

Susan Carnes says everything was normal on a scheduled 12-hour flight from Africa to Atlanta in late March until a pregnant woman started screaming. Carnes immediately asked her fellow crew-members for supplies including gloves and a pair of scissors sterilized in a cup of vodka. And, it just so happened a doctor was onboard.

Carnes helped comfort the woman as the doctor helped deliver her child 36,000 feet above Africa. "She was strong and brave, and I give it up for her. She was incredible because, she's in a public place. Passing it back... and I realized as I lifted it up over the seats, that everyone is like looking at me, obviously, and I just held him up and I said, 'It's a boy,'" she recalled.

The new mother happens to be from Fresno. The plane made an emergency landing in Senegal after the birth and the new mother and her baby are doing fine.

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