Police make arrest in murder of organ donor


The district attorney's office is reviewing the evidence they have against a man they say is the suspect in Butler's death. The family says they are pleased with the progress being made in this case.

"A lot of these murders can be solved immediately if people would stop this code of silence," said Valerie Butler, Charles' sister.

Valerie is still hurting. Her 23-year-old brother, Charles, was shot and killed while driving home from a store last December. There had been no arrests or suspects identified until this weekend.

"The good news that we just got is great, but it's not done yet, there is still a lot to do," said Valerie.

Oakland police won't release the name of the suspect or the possible motive. they will only confirm they've made one arrest and say that sharing more information at this time could damage their efforts to identify a second suspect. Valerie has canvassed the neighborhood with fliers and is begging the public for their help.

"Every day I'm thinking about it. It's never going to go away," said Valerie.

Charles' loss has been particularly painful because of the exciting future that was waiting for him just days away. Charles recently graduated from a Merchant Marine training program and was looking forward to a life of adventure. Immediately following his death, Charles gave the gift of life to others through organ donation. It's another example, his sister says, of the selfless man that he was.

"He was so clean that he lived a clean life, all five of his major organs were able to save lives right away," said Valerie.

Finding those responsible for the loss of her brother has been a slow and painful process, but Valerie says quitting is not an option.

"I'm going to continue to fight for him. Anything that I can do, I'm going to do," said Valerie.

Butler's organs were donated to at least two other people after his death. Oakland police are asking that anyone with information about the December shooting contact them immediately.

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