Pinole bans home-based gun dealers

PINOLE, Calif.

The proposal to ban home-based gun dealers in residential neighborhoods was brought up after a Pinole resident applied for a permit to sell guns and ammunition out of this home. The city's police chief said it would create more criminal targets.

The city planning commission recommended the ban because it was zoning issue. But gun proponents called it a violation of their second amendment right to bear arms.

"You've got surrounding cities that have already have bans; that does equate to a ban on your second amendment rights," gun rights advocate Alany Helmantoler said.

"Even though I'm an avid hunter and I own guns, it does not infringe on my rights to go to Big 5 and buy guns or ammunition," Pinole resident Bob Copp said.

"Any organization that facilitates the spread of guns is going to increase the spread of death in this community," Pinole resident John Irvinger said.

Some gun proponents who spoke are members of a group that has staged open carry demonstrations in the East Bay. One man ridiculed the fear of having a home-based gun dealer in a residential area, saying you don't have to be a dealer to have lots of guns and ammunition

"I know people that have more ammo than Big 5 in their house. I personally own more guns than the Big 5 in my house," gun rights advocate Charles Van Brusselen said.

The second amendment rights advocates were outgunned at Tuesday's council meeting. They were expecting more than 100 supporters, but only three spoke out at the meeting.

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