More classes resume after Oikos U. shooting


Four classes were held Tuesday, the most since the tragedy that claimed seven lives. The front of the school is still covered with condolence notes, flowers, and pictures of the seven people who were shot to death there. However, students returning Tuesday walked in through the back door, avoiding the memorial. They say they won't forget what happened, but they're determined to move forward. "That was a very bad situation, but I have to come to school. I prayed a lot. I hope the family's getting better very soon. I just pray again and again," student Aaron Jung told ABC7.

Oikos is a Christian College and it appears the tragedy has not shaken the faith of returning students. In fact, the four classes held Tuesday were theology classes. "Relationships with God really help us. at this time and every time in our life, he is always on our side," student Sean said. That doesn't mean it is easy for them to walk back into the building where a former student opened fire, killing seven and hurting three.

Even the theology instructor felt emotional Tuesday. "I'm still feeling so sad, but we have to overcome Kang Kim said. His lecture Tuesday would include a message about the importance of returning to the building. "We had a tragedy here, but this is the place we have to start, restart," he said.

The shooting happened in a nursing class, and school administrators say nursing students have been too emotional to return and may, in fact, never return to the campus. Still, Tuesday's classes were full and the students that attended them appeared confident and ready.

The school has set up a memorial fund for the victims and their families. People are also leaving condolences on the university's website.

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