Golden Gate Ferry service to resume after strike


Just a few people didn't get the message about the ferry shut down, and turned up to catch the ferry that today wasn't leaving port. Management says the pre-announced strike had little impact on congestion on the Golden Gate Bridge. But now another strike looms; teamsters have announced a shutdown of Golden Gate Transit bus service on Thursday of next week, by way of a bus servicers strike. Bus drivers would not cross that picket line.

"If we don't get a contract in the next few days, then this is going to spread to the other units. Teamsters is prepared; it has taken a strike vote and we will be taking a strike on May 10," said Ralph Miranda of Local Teamsters 665.

"They have been all over the map with everything from Occupy, to take the roadway, to shutdown the buses, to shutdown the ferries, to shutdown the North Bay. So we have to take everything that is being reported by the union coalition with a little bit of a grain of salt," said Mary Currie of the Golden Gate Bridge District.

The CHP massed in San Francisco today for any of those events, but so far have not been needed.

Labor coalition members have not had a contract since last July. The sticking points are pension and medical costs. There is a negotiating session set up for May 7.

Today's strike is scheduled to end at 1:20 p.m.

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