49ers coach backs job training program


The organization is the only cause Harbaugh supports outside the sports world.

"I support no cause foreign nor domestic other than the greatness of the San Francisco 49ers or whatever football team that I'm playing for or coaching on except this cause," Harbaugh told the audience.

JobTrain's programs range from computer literacy classes to training in construction work.

Edison Robertson says there's no way he could afford the education JobTrain offers and he plans to take it far.

Robertson said he wants to eventually own his own construction company "and actually give back like they gave to me."

JobTrain served 8,000 people last year and placed 76 percent of those who completed the program into jobs.

Harbaugh told the crowd those are jobs to be proud of.

"I've got nothing against the white collar people out there, I've got nothing against the white collar jobs. At the San Francisco 49ers, we prefer to be blue collar," he said. "We want to do the hard work, we want to fix things!"

The executive director of JobTrain was so pleased with Harbaugh as the keynote speaker that she's already invited him back for next year.

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