Woman speaks out about cheetah attack

Violet D'Mello's husband captured photos of the terrifying ordeal.

"I just remember something biting my head and dragging me down," she said. "We never for one moment thought that they would attack us."

D'Mello and her husband were on a birthday visit to a private game reserve, where the big cats were supposed to be tame. But when one of the cheetahs lunged at a child, D'Mello tried to stop it. That's when both cats attacked her.

D'Mello says she screamed and tried to play dead as the cheetahs bit and clawed her head, stomach and legs. The attack went on for three minutes until a guide finally pushed the cheetahs back with a stick.

D'Mello needed numerous stitches, but didn't suffer any life-threatening wounds.

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