More than 500 still without power in Novato

NOVATO, Calif.

Genevieve Rasp and her father headed out of their powerless home Friday morning. For her, it's no laughing matter. "I felt sad. Because I can't see anything. I just have my flashlight," she said.

Rasp had to break out a flashlight after power went out about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, knocking 8,700 people off line.

Sparks from nearby power poles touched off a couple small grass fires. Neighbors took care of those.

The wires once carried 60,000 volts -- not the standard 12,000 going through most residential neighborhoods.

Jeff Graf found out how badly he needs a fraction of all that power just to live. In the digital age, "you need electricity for all this stuff," he said.

Gabe Serrano lost power and that did not sit well with his cocker spaniel. "I need it for my dog so he can watch some television while we're gone," he said.

Ruth Roselli, another resident, said she wasn't that bothered by the outage. "I'm fine. It doesn't bother me at all, except that I'm worried about things in my freezer if this goes on until tomorrow.

PG&E crews are working on restoring power to the customers who remained without power Friday. The utility pole will be taken to PG&E's forensic lab once it's taken down.

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