Occupy Oakland members shout down committee

Occupy Oakland members shouted down the Oakland Public Safety Commission, forcing them to adjourn their meeting.

May 22, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
Things got out of hand at a Public Safety Commission meeting in Oakland Tuesday night.

Occupy Oakland members shouted down the committee forcing them to adjourn before they could vote on a controversial proposal. It would ban "tools of violence" which include shields, sling shots, hammers, paint balloons and other tools used during recent demonstrations.

But several protesters argued that some objects, like shields, are needed to protect themselves from the police.

"The deepest, deepest problem here is you will set a precedent on the preemptive policing of protesters. This ordinance makes it a crime to hold items that in it of themselves are not illegal," said Laleh Behbehanian, from the Anti-Repression Committee.

Opponents also argued the proposal is so broad it would define cameras, tripods, and water bottles as tools of violence. The commission has not said when it will take up the issue again.