Veterans set off on cross-country bike ride

Army Specialist Seth Arseneau lost the use of his legs serving his country.

"I have a spinal cord injury in my lower back," Arseneau said.

But he was a cyclist before that and sees no reason to not be a cyclist now.

"Fortunately there is options of hand cycles to kind of keep cycling," he said.

He's one of 21 wounded soldiers undertaking this incredible feat. Two others are blind and riding tandem and still others have traumatic brain injuries. They're not doing it to raise money, but spirits.

"People serving our country are just like everyone else; whether they are able bodied, whether they are disabled, they may have lost a leg, they haven't lost their hearts, they haven't lost their minds, they haven't lost the soul to be great Americans," World Team Sports Founder Jim Benson said.

"There are so many people who have made so many sacrifices; whether it be with their lives, or with their limbs. A lot of the people on the ride have lost limbs and parts of their lives and it's great for people to keep that in mind, just because in everyday life, you don't encounter those people that make sacrifices, but some of them will on this ride," Arseneau said.

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