Searchers still hopeful of finding Sierra LaMar


Wednesday was the first time Rommel Estrada has helped with the search to find Sierra and yet there was no questioning his commitment. It was a 6-hour drive to get to Morgan Hill. "I came all the way from LA, [left at] 3 a.m. this morning. It's sad, but it's unfortunate... if I can be of any help, that would be great," he told ABC7 News. Rommel has been following Sierra LaMar's case since the teenager disappeared March 16.

The arrest last week of Antolin Garcia-Torres for Sierra's murder has not slowed the search effort or hope that she may still be alive. "Just because we have him, we don't have her yet, so it's not over," said Davina Joy of Fremont. Many volunteers are more dedicated than ever to resolving unanswered questions. Every Wednesday, Toni Richey drives to the search center from Vallejo. "People are wanting some kind of closure to this and they're just worried about the family and they just want to bring Sierra home," he said.

Sierra's family is hoping someone comes forward with information that will end their nightmare. "If you've got information, find it in your heart to come forward and let us know," Sierra's father Steve LaMar said Wednesday.

Garcia-Torres is scheduled to enter a plea to the murder charge Thursday but so far, has not provided investigators with any useful information. "It is probably in his best interest to own up now because we'll find her one way or the other," said Marc Klaas with KlaasKids Foundation.

Sierra's family made a point of thanking Rommel for devoting his day to their daughter. "Mostly, if I can come back, I will. If it continues, you know. I hope they don't ever give up," Rommel said.

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