Switching banks can be a costly decision

May 30, 2012 8:45:00 PM PDT
Frustration and anger directed at big banks has lead some people to pull their money out and put it into credit unions or smaller banks instead, but a new survey has found that can be a costly decision.

The study, by Consumers Union, shows banks have found ways to charge you fees on your way out the door. Those fees can amount to as much as $55.

Large banks charge fees to make a same day electronic transfer to your new bank. Certified checks can cost up to $10 and wire transfers $30. And if an automatic deposit arrives after you've closed your account, Chase will automatically reopen that account. Bank of America does the same if any activity hits your account.

That leaves customers vulnerable to penalties and maintenance fees if the balance falls below a minimum.

Ten of the largest banks in the United States were surveyed for this study.