Storekeeper facing no charges for shooting suspect


The Gold N' Treasures store was closed up tight Thursday, but police say the owner faces no charges for taking matters into his own hands on Wednesday. The lights were off and the display counters covered one day after an attempted robbery left 19-year-old Kibrom Bairu dead. "At this point, it looks like it was completely done in self-defense. Everybody in there was frightened of this violent felon who was in there waving around a firearm," Lt. Dan Pratt said.

Police say Bairu and three others went into the store just after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. According to investigators, Bairu displayed a gun confronting the owner, another associate, and one customer. One shot was fired at Bairu who collapsed on the street and later died. Three other suspects ran from the store and jumped into a vehicle police believe could be a white mid-90s four-door sedan.

Store owner Everitt Parvin declined to speak with ABC7 News but on Wednesday night, his daughter said both her parents were inside the store at the time of the shooting. "They're strong people. They're not going to let somebody hurt them or other people around them," Kaitlyn Parvin said.

On Thursday morning, most businesses around the jewelry store including a hair salon were open as usual. "This morning, I feel kind of nervous to go to work. You don't know like, it going to happen again, you know," salon employee Thu Pham said. This was the third time in three years a Bay Area jewelry store owner has opened fire on robbery suspects. In 2009, Alamo Jewelry Mart owner Oscar Herrera got into a gun-battle with a robber. Both men survived. Earlier this month, a store owner in Vallejo also shot and killed a would-be robber. "Store owners and business people are within their rights to carry and possess a firearm within their business if they legally possess that firearm," Pratt said.

Police say the gun used to shoot the suspect at Gold N' Treasures was legally owned and the owner was well within his legal right to use it in self-defense. Investigators are still looking for the three suspects who got away. Anyone with information is asked to call San Ramon police.

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