Late spring storm sweeps through Bay Area


Only the bravest of the brave tourists continued their sightseeing despite the chilly conditions and limited visibility. The unlikely sound of raindrops in June could be heard loud and clear at Fisherman's Wharf. "Usually, we'd be applying sunscreen in large quantities and getting ready to get out there and deal with all the visitors from all over the world coming in to bike the bridge," said Jeff Sears the owner of Blazing Saddles.

But instead of helping a flood of customers, the Blazing Saddles crew is catching up on busy work. "We're fixing up our bikes from the weekend, taking advantage of this downtime with this wet weather, to get things like that done and fold t-shirts and get ready for the next sunny day," Sears said. At least one Fisherman's Wharf restaurant went about business as usual and set up outdoor seating, not that they really expected anyone to request a table on the patio.

Elizabeth Byser is in the Bay Area on business from North Carolina. She told ABC7 News she knew what to expect, but doesn't have to like it. "I checked the weather before I came and was shocked to see it was going to be cold and raining. So, luckily, I packed a jacket and an umbrella. It's 80 degrees and sunny back home," she said. "All my pictures will be nice and gray, but that's OK. It's still a beautiful city."

"It was beautiful yesterday, by the way. It was gorgeous yesterday. We weren't expecting it to be raining right now, walking down the pier," said teacher Jacquie Kramer, visiting the city with a group of elementary students from San Jose.

The San Francisco Water District communication director says the heavy storms in the Bay Area a few months ago put all the reservoirs and utilities into the red, so Monday's rain is just gravy.

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