Suspended students not allowed in graduation ceremony


"We got to wear leis, cultural stuff, decorate our caps, noise makers," said Jaszmyn Arsenault, a suspended senior.

Jaszmyn wasn't allowed to attend the graduation at Heritage High School Saturday because of her role in the senior prank. So she and more than 70 others went to an alternative ceremony.

"If I had the choice to walk at the school I would have chose the separate graduation over walking at the school," said Jaszmyn.

The graduation ban is part of the punishment for what school officials are calling vandalism. Students left paint prints all over campus and chained a lamb to a post overnight. The school's principal had this to say during the week.

"Consequences have been assigned to those identified as being involved," said Larry Oshodi, the Heritage High School principal.

And so they and hundreds of family and friends missed the traditional milestone.

"I know a couple of them and I was hoping to see them walk the stage with my class. Unfortunately they couldn't," said Ken Davis, a graduating senior.

"I don't think it's right how everyone who was involved in the prank isn't graduating," said A.J. Fazli, a high school junior.

In a rare move administrators called in several Brentwood police officers just in case. Though there were no problems, one parent is sure there were lessons learned.

"You have to take the consequences for your actions and that teaches that when they grow up, this is how it's going to be through life, you can't do stuff and get away with it," said Michelle Arsenault, Jaszmyn's mother.

"I'm over it now. I realized we could have a better time by being with ourselves," said Jaszmyn.

Even though the graduations are over, there are still issues to resolved. On Thursday, a judge will decide whether suspended students will have a chance to take the final exams they missed this week.

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