Columbus Hotel evacuated due to explosives found


It all began with a shot fired at a residential hotel on Columbus Avenue, near Vallejo. When police responded, they found a sword, a few semi-automatic weapons and what they believed to be explosives inside one of the rooms belonging to a woman who works as a custodian at the Federal Reserve. She was there earlier on Monday, where police say she suffered some kind of psychotic breakdown. During their conversation with her, they say she told them she had fired a gunshot from her room before she went to work and that's what prompted police to do a thorough check of her room at the Columbus Hotel.

"Officers were dispatched to this location. They found a bullet hole in the door. We forced entry due to the safety concerns, we found several weapons and what we believe was possibly an explosive device. So for the safety of the neighborhood and the people who lived in the building, we evacuated the building, notified our bomb squad," said San Francisco Police Sgt. Pat Tobin.

It took a while to evacuate the building. There was one resident in hospice, so paramedics had to carefully remove her from the building.

The bomb squad planned to remove the explosive device. As for the woman in question, she has been taken to the psychiatric ward at San Francisco General Hospital.

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