Bernal Heights beehives smashed


The vandals struck at the Alemany Farm a couple weeks ago. Three colonies have been relocated; the last of the three colonies was removed Saturday. A group called SF Bee-Cause says the urban farm is pretty easily accessable by anyone, so there is a very good chance the bee hive vandals will not be caught.

The hives have been moved to the Hayes Valley Community Farm. It's an area that's enclosed by chain link fence, so there is some security.

The is a spot that has been attacked before. In fact, the bees were originally moved to the Alemany Farm because someone attacked the hives with pesticide in 2010. Bee keepers say they've maintained good relations with the Alemany Farm neighborhood, so they're surprised at the act of vandalism.

They figure hundreds, if not thousands, of bees died when someone hurled chunks of concrete at the hives.

"The force of the urbanite had actually knocked these five boxes off the bottom board and they were just sort of hanging because of the chain," Bee-Cause co-founder Karen Peteros said.

Two queens were killed in the attack, so the hives are now being rehabilitated.

A few hundred dollars in equimpment was destroyed and they lost out on about 80 pounds of honey, about $1,600 in product.

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