2nd suspect in 2008 Bologna killings arrested


A jury has already convicted reputed MS-13 gang member Edwin Ramos of the triple murder, but police were also looking for Reyes for the murders of Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. A third son was in the car and survived the shooting.

Police say Reyes was arrested along with another MS-13 gang member in a home in Salisbury, North Carolina. They caught him Monday morning as he tried to escape through a window of a home.

Ramos was sentenced last month to three consecutive life terms for the Bologna. He has said consistently that he was not the shooter, and was only driving the vehicle in the drive-by killings. He said Reyes fired into the Bologna's car after mistaking them for rival gang members.

He told ABC7 News in a jailhouse interview that he was shocked when Reyes pulled out the gun.

"I wasn't a part of it, like, I didn't tell him, 'Yeah, go ahead, I'm going to help you,' it's just, like, something that happened within the moment without me knowing it, without me expecting it," Ramos said.

While the jurors convicted Ramos of the triple murders, they seemed to have some doubts on who fired the shots. They deadlocked on that one charge.

Police had been looking for Reyes for the Bologna murders; they had a $5 million warrant out for him.

Danielle Bologna, wife and mother of the murder victims, was told of the arrest Monday morning.

"They want to fight for justice and they're very happy that this arrest has been made," Bologna family spokesperson Marti Mckee said. "I would say they're prepared for whatever comes to them."

That will most likely be another emotional trial for Danielle Bologna.

She told ABC7 News in an exclusive interview after Ramos' sentencing that she feared Reyes was still out there -- one reason she, her daughter and sole surviving son are still in witness relocation.

"Let's just say my life has been completely stripped," she said. "Being in protective, it's kind of hard because it not the same; we can't do just what we want to do, we can't just go where we want to go."

A San Francisco police homicide inspector flew into North Carolina to make the arrest, along with ICE and local authorities. They also confiscated a handgun and cocaine from the home.

Prosecutors say they are working on extraditing Reyes.

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