Girl hiding in closet calls police about burglars


It's unimaginable what can happen in 15 minutes. In a Fremont neighborhood, Monday afternoon, a Fremont family was going about business as usual; dad left to take his older daughter to school, 12-year-old Tanya stayed home alone. Within minutes, people were banging on the door.

"The phone was fortunately on the desk, so I quickly grabbed it and rushed to the closet and I called my mom asking her what to do and she said call 911 as fast as possible," said Tanya.

Minutes later burglars were in the house.

"One of them said 'nice' really loudly, as if they found what they were looking for. One of them came into my room and I got so scared and then he opened one of my drawers and he left. I have a feeling that they heard me whispering because I told a person on my phone 'I see him in my room.' I was really scared because I didn't know what they were going to do to me," said Tanya.

The burglars took multiple computers and a Blackberry -- a major blow to dad's job, but not as important as his family.

"I'm so glad she was safe. I can't even imagine what else could have happened, but by the grace of god she is safe, that's all I would say. And she was brave enough to call the police in time," said Fremont resident Piyush.

As they recuperate, mentally and physically -- father and daughter agree they've learned an important lesson about neighbors.

"If we ever get in trouble, immediately we can call them if our parents aren't home or something," said Tanya.

An important lesson from this is to know your neighbors and have their phone numbers. Residents on this street are understandably uneasy as the suspects are still on the loose, they are described as a man and woman around 19-years-old.

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