SFMOMA features Cindy Sherman works


Cindy Sherman has created some very revealing photos of women, society, and about herself. Every photo features her.

"She is one of the most important living artist I would say," said Neal Benezra, the executive director of SFMOMA.

Art buyers agree. Last year one of her photos sold for nearly $4 million - the most expensive ever at the time. There are 150 photos in a retrospective. From over the top fashion shoots that are the antithesis of Glamor, to roles in history that look like old masters paintings. And there are clowns who may laugh or not, from women revealing their emotions as centerfolds in magazines, to society portraits, to faded faces obsessed with youth in opulent settings, she creates all of it alone.

What is most impressive is every character, every environment, every look is hers. She does it all and the results are obviously larger than life.

"It's enormously difficult to be a one-man band who conceives the work, conceives the character, and then goes out and gets the costumes, does the makeup, set design. All the things one has to do," said Benezra.

It is like making a film by yourself he says.

"On a very basic level you're dazzled by her range and creativity and the invention. But I think it's also really important for any visitor who looks at the work seriously not to think of these as self portraits," said Benezra.

The exhibit with be in SFMOMA through Oct. 8, 2012.

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