2nd suspect in Bologna shootings pleads not guilty


Reyes was arraigned Tuesday on several charges, including three counts of first degree murder in connection with the fatal shootings of 48-year-old Anthony Bologna and two of his sons back in 2008. But Reyes is not accused of firing the shots that killed them. Ramos, an alleged MS-13 gang associate, has already been convicted and is serving three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

"All the hate was concentrated on Edwin when he went to trial, so they got their scapegoat," Ramos' attorney Marla Zamora said.

During the trial, Ramos insisted he was just driving the car and that Reyes pulled the trigger, but the surviving Bologna son testified he saw only one person -- Ramos.

"Well that's awfully interesting, isn't it," Reyes' attorney Steve Olmo said. "And it's interesting they didn't come across Mr. Reyes 'til they were done with Mr. Ramos' trial."

In fact his client, Reyes, disappeared from San Francisco after the murders and was just recently arrested in North Carolina. Gascon says bringing the 31-year-old back to San Francisco to face trial is just a continuation of the investigative process.

"There had been rumors and information that Mr. Reyes was in the car from very early on," Gascon said. "We need corroborating evidence that would give us the ability to go in front of a jury and beyond a reasonable doubt show that Mr. Reyes was part of this murders. We have that information today."

Reyes is due back in court August 22.

Ramos is at San Quentin Prison being evaluated before he is transferred to a permanent prison home. His attorney says she is investigating what impact Reyes' arrest could have on her client's case but doesn't think it changes anything.

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