85-year-olds tie the knot after 48 year divorce

August 3, 2012 12:56:51 PM PDT
It sounds like a Hollywood script. Tomorrow, two 85-year-olds who got married 48 years ago, but got divorced 20 years later, are re-tying the knot.

Six months ago, Roland Davis lost his wife. And after a push from his daughter, he called up his previous wife Lena Henderson who also had lost her husband.

Davis asked for her hand in marriage, for a second time and Henderson said "yes."

The couple first got married when they were teenagers and had five children together. Even though they got divorced and married other people, the couple stayed in touch.

"We were young when we married and I don't think he was really ready to be a married man. When we divorced we were still friends and we're still friends, aren't we?" Henderson said.

This time around, the couple's children, grandchildren, and great children will be at the wedding.