Woman hits bump in the road with her RV warranty

The RV is a pretty comfortable way to campout, but it does require a lot of attention. It takes a ream of canvas to keep it covered and an expensive warranty to keep it maintained. However, their best laid road map veered into trouble when they tried to repair their big camper.

Agnes Bergez looks very tiny next to her gigantic motor home. At 33-feet long and 18-feet high, it is ideal for travel with her three dogs.

"If we feel like on a weekend we just want to go somewhere, then we can just pack up the dogs and go anytime we want," said Bergez.

Bergez is careful to protect the motor home with an extended service contract from Good Sam warranties. She's been paying $67 per month for the policy, just in case something goes wrong.

"Actually what happened was the spring had broken," said Bergez.

Of course something did go wrong. The jack that levels the RV suddenly jammed and the big camper was leaning to one side. Bergez took it directly to the repair shop, then filed a claim for the repair, but something went wrong there too.

"I received a letter that my warranty was canceled and I didn't understand why," said Bergez.

Good Sam would not pay the claim saying she failed to pay the premium, but Bergez said that wasn't true. Bergez said, "She said, 'Well, we can't find the money. And I said, 'How can you not find the money?'"

Bergez said there was a big mix-up. It began when she saw an unfamiliar charge on her credit card statement. Something called "warranty service plan" charged her $70 for "merchandise." Bergez didn't recognize the merchandise or the amount, so she disputed the charge. However, it turned out the charge was from Good Sam, using a new name and charging a higher premium.

"Every time I call I have to keep explaining my situation again," said Bergez.

As soon as she found out the charge was Good Sam, Bergez paid the premium. Still, the company said her policy had been canceled. She kept pointing to a document showing the payment did go through, but no response.

"I said, 'I'm going to Channel 7' because I said, 'I'm not getting anywhere with this.' It was really frustrating," said Bergez.

We contacted Good Sam which took her case to its board of directors. Finally the company agreed to reinstate the policy. Good Sam said: "The situation originated when she disputed the automatic monthly payment, putting her policy past due and ultimately cancelled. Once we became aware of the situation, we worked with the credit card company... and insured that the claim was paid."

Soon after Bergez received a check for $237.

"I just really want to thank 7 On Your Side because I know without your help I would still be calling them," said Bergez.

Bergez tells us the RV is fixed and they can now stretch that living room out just fine. They're off next to Carmel. We'd like to thank Good Sam for stepping up in this case.

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