Brazen break-in caught on camera in Antioch


The video shows the crime as it happened. It was 5:55 in the morning. A white van stops and a man jumps out. His target is a 1995 Camaro. As he looks inside, he notices stereo equipment connected to an amplifier in the back of the car. He briefly looks around to see if anyone is looking. He wastes no time, smashing the rear window several times and finally steals the amplifier.

What he doesn't notice is the sophisticated four-camera surveillance equipment recording it all. McDermott's room is right above the driveway. Following the break-in, he was able to access the video. "He uses a spark plug to crack the window and then pushes the glass in. That's why we didn't hear anything inside because my room's right above that and the window's open and everything. That's why we didn't hear anything," he said.

There's more caught on tape. A second man gets out of the van, but he's not wearing gloves and is very careful not to touch anything otherwise he may leave his fingerprints. That's when he notices the cameras are looking right at them. "They wanted to get more but then he looked up and noticed that the cameras are there and they took off right after that," McDermott recalled.

McDermott emailed the video to ABC7 News through uReport and ABC7 News handed it over to Antioch police who are now investigating the robbery. Asked about the chances they might catch the thieves, Capt. Steve McConnell said, "I would say they are very good. Once the video is aired, somebody will call us and give us a tip as to who the suspects are."

The break-in occurred in one of Antioch's many middle-class neighborhoods, but one resident says things there have changed. "The changes have been over probably in the past three years. Unfortunately, it has a lot to do with foreclosure and section 8, a lot of section 8 coming in," neighbor Anne Mackin said referring to people who qualify for low-income housing.

The Camaro belongs to McDermott's brother. They are now glad they invested in high-resolution cameras. "And finally, to be able to have something to pass on to the police department and then share it with everyone else to get the word out about it... We just want them to be caught you know," McDermott said.

Antioch police ask anyone who recognizes either of the two individuals to contact them anonymously at

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