Scream it out in the I Scream Truck


Now, there is a place to do it in peace and even get some guidance on your technique!

Maybe it's a bad break up, the financial crisis or a tough day at work, if there's something making you upset, maybe a good loud scream will help get it out of your system.

That's exactly what one New Yorker thinks will help.

Sure New Yorkers step onto buses and into cabs but the back of a truck? Well this is the I Scream Truck.

You step inside and scream until you let it all out.

Stella Grizont is the founder of WOOPAAH's "I Scream Truck".

The idea came to her after she lost a job, her savings and canceled a wedding.

Inside the confines of this truck an audio component guides you.

There's brief body warm up, then the voice warm up, and then you just scream!

Come with friends or go it alone.

Then take a pause to relax.

You might be surprised at what the experience holds.

"You generally don't get a chance to scream in life. It was a pretty weird experience, and that part, screaming, was incredibly exhausting," said a screamer.

"I think everyone should give it a try you're surprised it's was more relieving than you thought it might be," another screamer said.

Stella plans to drive the truck to high stress areas like Wall Street, with the hopes that a good scream will lead to a little happiness.

By the way, it's free to scream in the I Scream Truck.

The truck will be parked at 25 and Park Avenue Saturday as part of City Streets and Stella hopes to rent it out for parties and corporate events.

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