New problems emerge following Bumbo recall


More than 100 children have fallen out of the Bumbo Baby Seat and Bumbo has voluntarily recalled 4 million chairs so it could add a safety harness. However, most viewers are saying if children fall out, we should blame the parents not the baby chair.

The Bumbo Baby Seat now will have straps on it to prevent children from flipping out. Many were hurt, especially those who fell from a high surface.

However, many people commenting on the story say the recall puts the blame in the wrong place.

"It's not the Bumbo seat's fault, it's the caretaker, one hundred percent," one viewer wrote.

"If your child was hurt because they fell out of it then you should not be raising kids!!!," another wrote.

"Bumbo wants all its users to use the seat safely and the safest way to use the seat is on the floor, never on a raised surface and with a restraint belt," Bumbo International spokesperson Tarush Anand said.

Anand says the seats are safe when they're properly used -- including use of the new belt. However, with the new belt, comes a new risk -- the company is now warning parents to "store the Bumbo seat out of reach of children...belts may cause entanglement or strangulation." And it says, "A belted baby can cause the Bumbo seat to slide or move off raised surfaces."

The company also advises parents to avoid putting the chair near a wall saying the child could "push against it and tip over."

Consumer advocate Jon Fox says be aware of potential hazards.

"This product still has some risk to it and parents need to know that," he said.

If you are one of the millions who already have a Bumbo chair, the company is urging you to obtain the repair kit and install the new strap.

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